Our History

Stauffer's Original Animal Crackers History

The year 1871 saw some historic moments: Orville Wright was born, the Great Chicago Fire broke out, the first Major League Baseball game was played in America and Stauffer’s®, the PA-based baker of the iconic Original Animal Cracker was founded.

The company, founded by David F. Stauffer, has evolved since its humble beginnings, but the company has stayed true to its roots by remaining in its York, PA-based headquarters, which has helped Central Pennsylvania become known as the Snack Food Capital of the World. Over the years, the company has added full lines of baked snacks including the popular Ginger Snaps, Whales® Baked Cheddar Crackers, seasonal favorites and more – all made in the U.S.A.

Many consumers ask about the difference between a cookie and a cracker, and what makes Stauffer’s unique.  Stauffer’s Animal Crackers have less sugar and shortening than cookies.  They also have a layered dough, which gives them a crunchy and delicate texture. Break an animal cracker in half and you will see many layers!

Stauffer’s is proud to be a snacking staple in households across the U.S.A. for 150+ years!

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